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Objekt Nr. 1566-54

Bicolour 585 gold necklace, circa 1950, 57.5g

Starting price: € 1950,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 2321,28)

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Objekt Nr. 1566-55

Oval bicolour gold 750 bangle with hinge, 65g, inside 6x5cm, traces of wear

Starting price: € 2800,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 3333,12)

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Objekt Nr. 1566-71

Rock crystal bead necklace with gold-plated elements, Ø 10.5 mm, 56g, l. 44.3cm

Starting price: € 60,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 71,42)

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Objekt Nr. 1566-75

Large yellow gold 585 pendant with smoky quartz (approx. 68ct) in handmade setting, 27g, 5.4x3.2cm

Starting price: € 500,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 595,20)

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Objekt Nr. 1566-78

Oval yellow gold 750 malachite pin, sign. Grosse, with foxtail framing, sign. Grosse 1970, 15,9g, 3,9x2,8cm

Starting price: € 400,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 476,16)

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Objekt Nr. 1896-18

Pair of steel/yellow gold 750 creoles, plug with clip brisur, 24g, Ø 2.9cm

Starting price: € 600,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 714,24)

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Objekt Nr. 1985-40

Delicate pink gold 585 scarf pin with braided hair inlay in seed pearl wreath, 1st half 19th c., 2.8g, 2x1.5cm

Starting price: € 90,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 107,14)

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Objekt Nr. 1993-2

Pair of Wempe yellow gold 750 earclips with Mabé pearls, 7g, Ø 1.6cm

Starting price: € 300,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 357,12)

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Objekt Nr. 2012-15

Cultured pearl necklace in opera length, endless strung, 60g, l. 91cm, Ø 7,5mm

Starting price: € 100,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 119,04)

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Objekt Nr. 2012-16

Princess length cultured pearl necklace with yellow gold 585 ball clasp, 22.7g, l. 43cm, Ø 6.8mm

Starting price: € 110,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 130,94)

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Objekt Nr. 2012-18

Modern bicolour gold 585 ring with diamond (ca. 0.10ct/SI/W), 4,1g, size 48

Starting price: € 160,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 190,46)

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Objekt Nr. 2041-13

Three row yellow and red gold 585 "brick" necklace with silver gilt magnetic clasp, 72.1g, l. 48.5cm

Starting price: € 2100,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 2499,84)

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Objekt Nr. 2041-8

Supple yellow and white gold 585 bracelet, 54.6g, l. 19cm

Starting price: € 1700,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 2023,68)

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The auction house Kendzia, which emerged from an antique trade that had existed since the 1920s, has enriched the Hamburg auction landscape since 1971. The founders Klaus D. and Brigitte Kendzia have built up an excellent reputation in this sector over the decades of their activity.

Today the house is run by the publicly appointed and sworn auctioneer, appraiser and art expert Eva-Maria Uebach-Kendzia. After studying art history, cultural anthropology and museum management in Hamburg and Vienna, she joined her parents’ business in 1997. She and her husband Karl Uebach have been running the auction house since 2016 with a great deal of expertise and competence. The family-run house is characterised by utmost discretion, solidity and flexibility.