auktionshaus KENDZIA Hamburg – Auktionen seit 1971

Auction Dates

February 19/20

The auctions will be held in our offices in the popular district of Winterhude, Sierichstrasse 33.

Viewing of the auction items will also take place there three days before the auctions.

Please note the limited opening hours approx. two weeks before the respective auction dates.

Auction Dates

Christmas AUCTIOn

Friday, November 19th 2021
Saturday, November 20th 2021
Friday, September 3rd 2021 12 pm

(Varia, Jewelry, Furniture & Interior)

Saturday, September 4th 2021 10 am

(Art & Antiques)

The auctions will be held in the business premises in the popular district of Winterhude in Sierichstrasse 33, close to the Alster.
Please note the limited opening hours approx. two weeks before the respective auction dates.


Monday, August 30th 2021              10am – 8pm 
Tuesday, August 31st 2021              10am – 8pm 
Wednesday, September 1st 5th 2021        10am – 8pm 
Thursday, September 2nd 2021           10am – 4pm


The schedule of the Christmas Auction will be announced here shortly.

Freitag, 07. Mai

ab 12.00 Uhr:
Nautika, Miliatria, Bücher, Wein (1-43); Antiken, Metall, Varia (44-105)

ab ca. 13.00 Uhr:
Objet d’Art (106-251), Vintage, Schmuck (252-415)


ab ca. 16.30 Uhr:
Uhren, Möbel, Garten (416-552); Spiegel, Lampen, Teppiche (553-601)

Samstag, 08. Mai

ab 10.00 Uhr:
Gemälde, Zeichnungen (602-681); Graphik, Foto (682-807)

ab ca. 12.00 Uhr:
Plastik, Sakrale Kunst (809-909); Asiatika, Exotika (910-1088)


ab ca. 15.15 Uhr:
Silber, Plated, Besteck (1089-1309)

ab ca. 17.15 Uhr:
Porzellan, Keramik, Glas (1310-1534)

Abweichungen vom Zeitplan sind möglich


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About Us

The auction house Kendzia, which emerged from an antique trade that had existed since the 1920s, has enriched the Hamburg auction landscape since 1971. The founders Klaus D. and Brigitte Kendzia have built up an excellent reputation in this sector over the decades of their activity.

Today the house is run by the publicly appointed and sworn auctioneer, appraiser and art expert Eva-Maria Uebach-Kendzia. After studying art history, cultural anthropology and museum management in Hamburg and Vienna, she joined her parents’ business in 1997. She and her husband Karl Uebach have been running the auction house since 2016 with a great deal of expertise and competence. The family-run house is characterised by utmost discretion, solidity and flexibility.