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Objekt Nr: 1116-2

Softwood children's bench in Danish façon with X-bracing, 52x101x25,5cm, seat height 28cm

Ausrufpreis: € 100,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 119,04)

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Objekt Nr: 1130-5

Pair of low fireplace armchairs with fine carved walnut frame "winged lions", 2nd half 19th century, h. 40/71cm

Ausrufpreis: € 1200,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 1428,48)

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Objekt Nr: 1143-46

Modern wrought iron armchair, copper patinated, h. 47/95cm

Ausrufpreis: € 140,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 166,66)

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Objekt Nr: 1159-10

Pair of black Art Deco chairs in polygonal shape with black silk moiré cover, h. 47/87cm, cover slightly broken

Ausrufpreis: € 220,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 261,89)

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Objekt Nr: 1166-6

Altländer wedding chest with rich inlaid front "Dorothea Heuer 1866", various fruitwoods, 86x130x67cm, faded

Ausrufpreis: € 450,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 535,68)

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Objekt Nr: 1186-2

Large north german baroque cabinet with round gable and ball feet, walnut/oak veneer, 255x200x66cm, cracks

Ausrufpreis: € 2200,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 2618,88)

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Objekt Nr: 1194-49

English coffee table with punched leather top and side drawer and shelf, mahogany, 51x84x45cm

Ausrufpreis: € 160,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 190,46)

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Objekt Nr: 221-3

Baroque chest of drawers with multi-curved front and floral bronze fittings, walnut/softwood veneer, 78.5x112x65cm

Ausrufpreis: € 1600,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 1904,64)

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Objekt Nr: 1041-32

Small newspaper or music tray on rolls, black lacquered wood with brass, 62x43x28,5cm

Ausrufpreis: € 80,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 95,23)

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Objekt Nr: 1064-39

Pair of delicate bedside tables with brass tops, walnut, 64,5x38x28,5cm, slightly defective

Ausrufpreis: € 200,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 238,08)

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Objekt Nr: 1073-11

Empire armchair with carved sphinx heads on the armrests, h. 36/82cm, 19th century, upholstery worn out

Ausrufpreis: € 450,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 535,68)

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Objekt Nr: 857-17

6 Frisian chairs: 2 armchairs and 4 chairs, red with wicker seat, h. 47/99cm

Ausrufpreis: € 650,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 773,76)

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Objekt Nr: 991-3

Regency table on center column with 4 high arched feet, mahogany, 74x133x137cm, crack

Ausrufpreis: € 450,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 535,68)

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Objekt Nr: 818-284

Modern acrylic glass book shelf with 6 shelves, without back wall, 203x75x22cm

Ausrufpreis: € 150,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 178,56)

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Objekt Nr: 380-148

Barock Armlehnsessel mit geschwungenem und beschnitztem Gestell, altes Gobelinpolster "Häuser u. Brücke", 46,5cm/112cm

Ausrufpreis: € 1500,-
(inkl. Aufgeld & MwSt.: € 1785,60)

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About Us

The auction house Kendzia, which emerged from an antique trade that had existed since the 1920s, has enriched the Hamburg auction landscape since 1971. The founders Klaus D. and Brigitte Kendzia have built up an excellent reputation in this sector over the decades of their activity.

Today the house is run by the publicly appointed and sworn auctioneer, appraiser and art expert Eva-Maria Uebach-Kendzia. After studying art history, cultural anthropology and museum management in Hamburg and Vienna, she joined her parents’ business in 1997. She and her husband Karl Uebach have been running the auction house since 2016 with a great deal of expertise and competence. The family-run house is characterised by utmost discretion, solidity and flexibility.