auktionshaus KENDZIA Hamburg – Auktionen seit 1971

Lot 693 Sound Sample: Bacon Silver Bell Special Tenor Banjo

Lot 694 Sound Sample: Bacon Silver Bell Ne Plus Ultra No.6 Tenor Banjo

Lot 695 Sound Sample: Bacon Symphonie Bell No.1 Tenor Banjo

Lot 696 Sound Sample: Stromberg Deluxe Tenor Banjo

Lot 697 Sound Sample: Epiphone Recording Art Concert Tenor Banjo

Lot 698 Sound Sample: Epiphone Recording Dansant Tenor Banjo

Lot 699 Sound Sample: Early Epiphone Concert Tenor Banjo

Lot 700 Sound Sample: Gibson “All American” Tenor Banjo

Lot 701 Sound Sample: Gibson TB-3 Mastertone Tenor Banjo

Lot 702 Sound Sample: Gibson TB-5 Mastertone Tenor Banjo

Lot 703 Sound Sample: Gibson TB-1 Trapdoor Banjo

Lot 704 Sound Sample: GREX Silver Bell Tenor Banjo

Lot 705 Sound Sample: Leedy Olympian Tenor Banjo

Lot 706 Sound Sample: OME Gold Moghul Tenor Banjo

Lot 707 Sound Sample: Orpheum No.1 Tenor Banjo

Lot 708 Sound Sample: Paramount Style E Tenor Banjo

Lot 709 Sound Sample: Paramount Leader Tenor Banjo

Lot 710 Sound Sample: Paramount Style A Tenor Banjo

Lot 711 Sound Sample: Super Paramount Artist Supreme Tenor Banjo

Lot 712 Sound Sample: Trujo Style A Tenor Banjo

Lot 713 Sound Sample: Vega Vegaphone Deluxe Tenor Banjo

Lot 714 Sound Sample: Vega Vegaphone Artist Tenor Banjo

Lot 715 Sound Sample: Vega Vegaphone Deluxe Tenor Banjo

Lot 716 Sound Sample: Vega Tubaphone Style X No.9 Tenor Banjo

Lot 717 Sound Sample: Vega Vegavox No.4 Tenor Banjo

Lot 718 Sound Sample: Studio King (by Gibson) Tenor Banjo

Lot 719 Sound Sample: Weymann No.4 Tenor Banjo

Lot 720 Sound Sample: Weymann Style No.2 Tenor Banjo

About Us

The auction house Kendzia, which emerged from an antique trade that had existed since the 1920s, has enriched the Hamburg auction landscape since 1971. The founders Klaus D. and Brigitte Kendzia have built up an excellent reputation in this sector over the decades of their activity.

Today the house is run by the publicly appointed and sworn auctioneer, appraiser and art expert Eva-Maria Uebach-Kendzia. After studying art history, cultural anthropology and museum management in Hamburg and Vienna, she joined her parents’ business in 1997. She and her husband Karl Uebach have been running the auction house since 2016 with a great deal of expertise and competence. The family-run house is characterised by utmost discretion, solidity and flexibility.