Object no. 1501-11

122 pieces KPM "Osier" dinner service "Flowers and Insects", war mark and later, consisting of: 18 soup plates (Ø 23cm), 36 dinner plates (Ø 24,5cm), 18 starter plates (Ø 21,5cm, 1x bumped), 17 bread plates (Ø 17,5cm, 3x bumped), 12 soup cups with 11 lids/bottoms (h. 6cm, Ø 9,5cm, 2 lids added/unpainted), 4 various square bowls (5x20x20/8x20x20cm), 2 small round bowls (Ø 21,5cm), 2 large round plates (Ø 35cm), 2 large oval plates (37x49,5cm), 2 medium oval plates (30, 5x40cm), 2 small oval plates (23x31cm), 2 sauce boats on fixed stand (10x21x27cm), 1 sauce boat with lid on fixed stand (15,5x30x15cm, somewhat bumped), 2 round tureens with figural handle "Putti" (h. 20cm, Ø 23cm, 1 thumb missing), 2 double soup tureens with figural handle "Putti" (13x14x7,5cm) and 1 oval soup tureen with figural handle "Putti" on a stand (28x40x22cm, 47,5x31cm), in addition 7 pieces unpainted: 2 appetizer plates, 4 bread plates and 1 small, oval plate

Starting price: € 3000,-
(Price including buyer´s premium and VAT: € 3571,20)