Object no. 1298-93

97 parts KPM Service "Neuosier", white, 20th century consisting of: 12 medium plates (Ø 20cm), 10 small plates (Ø 17cm), 10 side plates (Ø 14,5cm), 8 medium deep plates (Ø 19,5cm), 7 bowls (Ø 15cm), 8 small bowls (Ø 11cm), 2 angular bowls (20x20cm), 1 round bowl (Ø 24,5cm), 1 coffee pot (h. 20,5cm/lid defective), 1 mocha pot (h. 18cm/lid defective), 1 teapot (h. 13cm), 1 sugar bowl (h. 6cm), 1 cream jug (h. 8cm), 12 coffee cups/saucer (h. 8,5cm), 11 teacups /saucer (h. 6,5cm), 1 saucer extra, 8 egg cups (h. 6cm) and 2 teapots lids (1x defective), some grinding lines, colour differences in the body

Starting price: € 1900,-
(Price including buyer´s premium and VAT: € 2261,76)